If I will use your escort service not 1 time only, can I have more interesting price for Turkey girls?
Of course you will have more interesting price proposition for to get Turkey girls. Here in escort in Turkey we care much about our permanent clients and our prices for girls are tolerant for those who like to meet our escort ladies more than one time. Call to our manager and he will tell you more.

Can I invite a girl to me or I can come to her?
You can invite your lady to come to you and you can also use in-call service and to come to your lady’s apartments if she has a place where to meet you. Choose your girl and call to our manager for to get to know more.

Can I have more than 1 Istanbul girls? 
You can have as many Istanbul ladies as you want and need to be satisfied of our escort service. All girls are nice and are ready to meet you at any time you wish. Make your choice of girls and contact us to make a reservation of your ladies.

Need I pay for a hotel, if I come to an Ankara girl?
Yes you have to pay for a hotel to meet your Ankara girl. Call to our manager and he will help you to find the hotel you need.

Need I pay for taxi for a girl?
Yes you have to pay for taxi for your lady to come faster to your place.

Can I have a girl for me and my woman?
Yes you can have a girl which will make happy you both – you and your woman. There are lots of ladies preferring to meet men as well as women. Go to girl’s page and find your special lady. Contact escort in Turkey and we’ll organise your meeting the best way.

If I will pay for 2 hours for an Istanbul girl, but I will need more time for to spend with a girl, what need I do?
When you meet some of our escort ladies you won’t think about time or something like that – just relax and take pleasure. If you need some more time for to stay together with a girl you will have it. And at the end of your meeting you simply will pay for girl for all time you were together and that’s all problems. So make your choice of a girl and enjoy your date.

How will be better to make reservation of a girl? I need to call or to write to you?
See our Contacts and you’ll find all the information there. You can call to our manager and he will give answers to all your questions. And you can also send us e-mail for to make a reservation of a girl you choose. To call to us is better – you will save your time and your girl will come to you faster.

Can I invite a Turkey girl in my country?
Yes you can invite any of Turkey girls to come to meet you in your country. Call to our manager and he will describe you how to do this in the fastest way.

I want to have Turkey ladies for long time, 2 weeks. Will I have the most interesting price if I will choice several Ankara ladies for this period of time?
Yes you will have the most available price for ladies. Call to our manager for to make a previous reservation of girls and we assure you to have the best escort service you’ve ever had.