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Where to find Russian escorts in London

If you are a Russian or have a high taste for Russian models, then know that London is the best place to find them. In London, you will find elite and high-class Russian escorts who are either independent or agency escorts. Many countries across the world boast of having the best models, but it’s no secret that Russia always tops the list. Slim, tall, raven-haired, blue-eyed and large-breasted, it’s no secret that Russian beauties are in the highest demand. But what makes Russian escorts so attractive: well, it’s their tall height, long lovely legs, and attractive outfits. And who doesn’t love long and well-shaped legs complete with a tall attractive look? You only need to look at the top stars, and you will realize the truth in my words.

Back in London, most of the Russian escorts work in agencies. A few of them work as independent escorts. The advantage of independent escorts is you get to negotiate what you will pay without the influence of an agency. Therefore, most of them are quite cheap. An agency escort, on the other hand, gives you the versatility to choose your favorite escort from an assortment of Russian escorts. Depending on your tastes, you can choose any, but I will recommend trying an escort agency.

Besides, an agency will bring you a gallery of the Russian models working there and all you need to do is to check your favorite one. Also, you will learn more about their age, hobbies, and whether she is available. Also, since you will be able to check the girl’s profile and personality, you will learn more about what she loves. There are many escort agencies in London, and you should choose one that best suit your price and interests. Top escort agencies are available online, but you can also look for them in escort directories and boards.

Types of London Escorts

If you are considering hiring a companion, you need to have an idea about the types of girls that exists. An escort agency usually have numerous girls who have different personalities to offer varieties to clients. These are the most common type of girls in central London:
1. The beauty
Every London escort girl has a visual appeal because it is a necessity to join the agency. However, there are a few ladies who take visual appeal to another level. These are the girls that leaves you breathless and you can hardly believe that they are real because of how beautiful they are. They usually have plump lips, a stunning body and deep eyes.
2. The Adventurer
This type of London escort usually have a lot of ideas for you to explore together. An adventurer is perfect to those men who have an experience with escorts and they are willing to push their limits.
3. The party animal
These girls are ideal to men who like partying and drinking. This type of an escort will tear up the dance floor and you can have a lot of fun if you like dancing or partying. Most party animal escorts are quite experienced and you will like every minute with her.
4. The innocent one
An innocent girl usually blushes and giggles from time to time after you meet her. She can be shy at times but when you get to know each other and you bring out her inner devil, you will get really excited.
5. The submissive girl
If you like controlling your woman, this is the type of girl you should have. She will give you everything you want. This makes most men look after a submissive woman who is committed to pleasing him.
6. The romantic one
This is the perfect companion if you are a first timer because she makes you feel at ease and give you time to relax. She is romantic and has a softer side which will help first-timers feel comfortable and safe.
7. The dominant babe
This girl usually dominates the man and make them bend to their will. As a man, you will have to follow what they are saying and do everything to please her. She is not a choice for many men but for those men who love to submit especially in lovemaking, they are an ideal choice.
8. The dirty one
She is a call girl who is ready and willing to do anything to make the evening pleasurable. She is also creative and you may end up doing a lot in a single evening.

9. The special girl
A special girl is just the type of girl who perfectly meets all your needs. If you meet this type of girl, you will be looking forward to meet her again and again because she have all the qualities you need. Special girls are mainly found in every escort agency, you just need to take your time and you will find her.
10. The chilled out girl
She is the type of an escort who is cool with everything you do. She makes you feel comfortable because she will never say no to any of your requests. She is a good choice but if you like being antagonized when making love, she is not the type of girl to have.